Uses of Calcium Iodate in Animal Feed

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Uses of Calcium Iodate in Animal Feed

How can a dietary element help us combat climate change and improve animal health?

Human and animal has equitable needs when it comes to managing climate change.

Iodine in the animal diet prepares animals to combat adverse health and climate impacts. Iodine plays a vital role in thermoregulation in animals. It aids in maintaining a constant and equal body temperature, especially whether the climate is below or above the animal’s thermal neutrality zone.

However, animal owners do not add sufficient dietary iodine in animal feed mixes, and over time animals are Iodine deficient. Iodine deficiency is more prevalent among agro-animals like pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep. Thyroid gland enlargement is a common symptom of iodine insufficiency (goiter).

First, let’s understand how Calcium Iodate can help avoid iodine deficiency among animals.

What is Calcium Iodate?

Iodine (I) is one of seven micro minerals that dairy cattle and other animals require in their diets. It is a unique mineral, and its deficiency can cause a goiter, a particular and readily identifiable swelling of the thyroid gland. Iodine is required for thyroid hormone synthesis, although it cannot be obtained directly.

Calcium iodates, anhydrous, or monohydrates are regarded as safe sources of iodine when used up to the approved maximum level of total iodine in whole feed. Calcium iodates are an inorganic compound made up of calcium and anion iodate.

How is Calcium Iodate used for manufacturing animal feeds?

Calcium iodate is commonly used in mineral premixes to provide a portion of an animal’s nutritional requirements. Cattle feeding should be initiated with the proper planning about the correct formula mixing. 

Cattle fed with inadequate levels of Calcium Iodine in their diets may exhibit nutrient deficiencies for up to a year after being fed the deficient diets. A lack of Calcium and Iodine in an animal’s diet might have a negative impact on their performance.

Iodine toxicity has been recorded in mature Dairy cows with dietary intakes as low as 50 mg/day (approximately 5 mg/kg dietary DM), according to the NRC Nutrient Requirements for Dairy Cattle. 

According to the NRC Nutrient Requirements for Beef Cattle, the maximum tolerated level of iodine in the diet is 50 mg/kg. Legal limits in milk take precedence over toxicity levels in feed for dairy cattle, and the dietary dry matter should not surpass 0.5 ppm (mg/kg).

Calcium iodate anhydrous, one of the iodine compounds under consideration, is intended to be used as a source of the significant iodine for all animal species and categories up to a total content of 10 mg I/kg complete feed, except for dairy cows and laying hens, which require 5 mg I/kg complete feed; horse which requires 4 mg I/kg full feed; and fish, which need 20 mg I/kg complete feed. Adults (600 g/day) and toddlers (200 g/day) would both have their ULs surpassed by two and four, respectively.

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The use of Calibre Chemicals products in animal diets is unlikely to be harmful to the environment. Our additions are effective in meeting the iodine needs of animals.

Why Choose Calibre Chemicals for Manufacturing Animal Feed?

We are the major Calcium iodate manufacturer in India. Our motto is to improve animal health and increase productivity by providing enriched Iodate nutrients and feedstuff. 

Our scientifically developed Iodine derivatives help accelerate the growth and improve the weight of the animals by developing immunity against diseases and improving overall yield.  

We at Calibre Chemicals provide high-quality Iodine derivative products that help address this animal dietary need in a simplistic manner. Being a high-quality and globally recognized manufacturer of calcium iodate in India, our Calcium Iodate is the perfect solution to the iodine deficiency among animals. 

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