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Sodium Persulfate

Sodium persulfate (SPS), a stable salt of peroxodisulfuric acid, is a strong yet easy-to-dose oxidant and an excellent radical source in aqueous media. RheinPerChemie serves the product in the form of colour- and odourless crystalline powders. Due to its high purity and low moisture content, SPS from RheinPerChemie is storage-stable and can be handled safely. Occasionally, SPS tends to form lumps or cake when stored under ambient conditions. Small amounts of special silica additives can suppress this behaviour. Sodium persulfate is highly water-soluble. Aqueous solutions react slightly acidic and are less storage-stable than anhydrous solids.

Due to its high oxidation potential, SPS can decompose when subjected to adverse conditions. The product itself is not flammable but oxidising.

Molecular Formula
White solid crystalline, odourless
Assay as Na2S2O8≥ 99.0%
Density [g/ml]2,59 (20°C)
Bulk density [kg/m³]1200 - 1350 (20°C)
Solubility in water556 (20°C)
pH-valueca. 4,3 (250 g/l) (20°C)
Oxidising propertiesYes
Standard, Customized grade available upon request.
25 kg net certified UN PG III laminated HDPE woven bags with LDPE inner bag.
Customized Packaging Available (From 10kgs to 500 kgs)
Storage & Handling
  • Use only in well-ventilated areas.
  • Work under the hood. Do not inhale the substance.
  • Provide vacuuming if dust is raised.
  • Avoid the formation and deposition of dust.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Use personal protective equipment.
  • The product is not combustible.
  • Keep away from all sources of ignition.
  • Only use containers that are approved specifically for the substance/product.
  • Do not store combustible materials.
  • Refrain from storing together with reducing agents.
  • Do not store together with acids and alkalies.
  • Keep the container tightly closed.
  • Store in a dry place.
  • Keep the container in a well-ventilated place.
  • Protect from heat/overheating.

ISO 50001:2018

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

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