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Potassium Persulphate is a widely used polymerization initiator of manufacturing of architectural coating emulsions, adhesives and sealants, acrylic fibre manufacturing and variety of polymer initiation applications

Calibre’s Cuprous Iodide and Potassium Iodide and customer specific blends thereof are used for heat stabilization application in Nylon/PA6/PA66 compounds used for various Engineering plastics and mobility products.

Potassium and Cuprous Iodides are also used as heat stabilizing agents in the manufacture of Nylon tire cord. Its main use is the manufacture of tires, where the heat resistance of the polymer is essential. For example, the tires of a light vehicle while driving could reach a temperature close to 1200 ° C.

Iodide and Cuprous ions embedded within the Nylon polymer network prevent chemical chain cracking, maintaining material properties under heavy duty conditions. On an average, the use of Cuprous and Potassium Iodides allows stabilization up to 1700 ° C, while with other combinations it could be 250 ° C lower.

Sodium Perchlorate enhances the stabilizer performance of Calcium Zinc stabilizers in PVC.