Health & Hygeine

School Toilet Blocks

Beneficiary : GIDC Estate
Location : GIDC Sarigam - 1km from Calibre

The school has over 1400 students studying Arts, Science and Commerce in Gujarati and English medium.  It is situated on 6 acres of land in Phansa village which is managed by a 60 year old Trust.  Proper lavatories and sanitation facilities were lacking for the students. As one of the CSR initiatives, Calibre contributed towards building two new toilet blocks for the girls and boys. 

Renovation Toilet Block for Residential School

The Ashramshala in Kaprada Taluka is a residential school for children of the Adivasi tribes who work as migrant labourers and leave their young children in the Ashramshala. The school has around 160 children with impoverished and inadequate accommodation and classroom facilities.  The boys’ toilet block was dilapidated and unusable. Calibre  took the initiative and contributed in renovating the toilet block including underground septic tank and general sanitation.  A large overhead water tank for their toilet and bathing needs was also provided.

Hospital, Ultra-Sonography Department

This hospital was established in 1995. It provides basic healthcare services to people in Sarigam and nearby villages. Calibre contributed in elevating the health care facilities, provided them with a fully equipped Ultra-Sonography Department leading to the health development of the local community and society at large

School Toilet Blocks for Girls & Boys

This School has over 320 students studying in Grade 1 to 8th Gujarati and English medium. Appropriate bathrooms and sanitation facilities were made available for their students. Calibre constructed new Toilet Blocks not only for girls and boys but for staff as well.

Community RO Plant & Anganwadi Renovation

This is one of the most unique sustainable CSR projects undertaken by Calibre. Tadgam village is situated near the sea area so water is with high TDS. Calibre provided 500 LPH RO Plant. Villages can get 20 Ltrs RO water by paying merely Rs. 5. This project is very well received by villagers and funds collected are used for upkeep and housekeeping of RO plant. In addition Calibre had renovated the Anganwadi which was in dilapidated condition and with this Calibre has shown strong commitment towards the social development and upliftment of society at large.

School Dormitory Hall & Toilet Blocks for Girls & Boys at Samarpada

Samarpada Primary School is a residential school for children of the low income groups and it offers a shelter to orphans as well. This school has around 100 children with very poor and inadequate accommodation and classroom facilities. Calibre’s commitment was to construct a dormitory hall and toilet blocks as a step to improve the quality of school life of the students.

Installation of 4 RO Plants at School

Students studying in Gujarati and English medium. did not have a proper drinking water facility at their school. On request, Calibre Installed 4 RO plants at different schools for students to consume pure water drinking.

AMC for RO Plant

Calibre continues to maintain installed RO Plants and Water Coolers provided to several schools in the past years giving a sense of belonging by connecting with the community needs.